The works presented here were all realized before 2007; the texts below are from the same time, and reflect questions that were mine then, about the continuity of my artistic work with my activity of researcher... More recent works, as well as my photos, may be seen mostly on Facebook, and will be soon presented in a new site.

    "I think that to paint helps me to realize a personal evolution that is not yet very clear, I don’t see very well where it leads me. I have the feeling of a questionning and a transformation of my identity towards a balancing, a passing from logical to analogical reasoning, from the explicit to the symbolic. It seems to me that in painting, it is easier than in novel to escape to sociological deformation, to forget reasoning, to go beyond the limits of the scientific approach. And to come back to fundamental ontological questions.
I have the impression to discover something quite opposite to what I did until now : in sociology, we try to explain as precisely as possible, as exactly as possible. There, on the contrary, I have to suggest more than to clarify, to say indirectly, otherwise, without rest, leaving the things open...
It is, too, matter of another kind of research : on forms, colours, techniques, effects. Such research works in freedom, gratuitousness. Only counts satisfaction obtained through the creation of a picture from an expressive or aestetic point of view.

    The diffusion mode of painting raises for me a difficult question : painters usually exhibit to sell, what I don’t wish now because I sometimes need the realized works to make others, copying some elements, or transposing them otherwise, with other colours... This is a problem unknown in music or writing : you don’t have to separate from a litterary work distributing it, nor from your songs making a CD !
Selling a painting, I think I should have the impression to separate from a child... I always appreciate the exchanges I have with the audience about my work, and I wish for that exhibit as much as possible. I should like to do it in places such as underprivileged areas, or hospitals, because it seems to me my painting may help to love life.

    Follow that way is it a break with what was before ? With economy and sociology, may be, but not with novel. And still less with the systemic approaches that I used a lot in my research work, because a picture may be considered in some aspects as an open system. For instance, the colours of the palette are chosen the ones in relations with the others, and even the colours I’ll call "rupture colours", are such according to their capacity to break the harmony created by the others, they find their place and their meaning beeing connected to the whole. And the work, as personal as it is, is not foreign to its ecological and social context : the blue and green of the sea I had under the eyes this summer were also in my palette, dominated last autumn by the colours of the leaves I was contemplating out of the window.
Besides, I had integrated the papel of time in my practice of systemics, in my work upon the political system of Chile, thanks to a Paul Klee’s painting in Beaubourg... And the hologram, realizing Yves Barel’s idea of redundancy, had greatly contributed to clarify for me that aspect of relations between the elements of a social system : I find it often today, when I work the paint in transparency..."

                                      Marie-Noëlle Sarget

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