"I try to develop a painting exalting love of nature and life, and "singing" with colours. I’ll call it may be "sensual", or "sensorial", because it is neither figurative, nor abstract : my purpose is never, in fact, to represent reality nor to illustrate ideas, but rather to suggest feelings, emotions, strong or fugitive impressions, or to symbolize natural elements such as air or water, to share the sensorial delight I feel with painting and colours. I wish also the picture remain open, keep something mysterious, ambivalent, unfinished, and allow several interpretations so that the one looking at it might feed it with its own imagination.

 Researcher in my job, so am I in my painting process, where I try to prospect very different ways and styles, but always dominated by researches upon colour (nuances, contrasts, complementarities) and movement.
My painting is organizing around several themes such as the transparent stones, taking flight, to rush at..., the signs, the symbols of gods, water, links, balloons and wonders, wounds... Another classification is added from the techniques used, or gestures practiced : if almost all my pictures are realized with acrylic, the manner it is put on canvas differ in the tool - brush, but also kitchen paper or sponge... and in the gesture - drawing, rubbing, light touch, moves more or less ample... These different themes and approaches are illustrated in this site, where I try to show the various facets of my work, in their diversity.
I present my approach in a small movie, where I show some more recent works and photos issued of two series : http://http://youtu.be/cQOhI_de-cg

 I followed classical plastic arts courses during about ten years before eighteen (charcoal, oil, watercolours, perspective, values, nudes, copies of great painters, etc.). I dedicated after mostly my time to my professional activity, research in human sciences (economy and political sociology), and to my children.
When I came back to painting, I didn’t wish to return to classical techniques, and discovered the acrylic paint, new for me, that induced me to other manners to paint, different from what I had been teached : I was seduced by acrylic flexibility, which allows almost to go from watercolour lightness to oil density, to play with colours transparency and superposition, and liberate completely gesture.
I should like now to try to use oil, the smoothness of which I like, in the way I am painting with acrylic, and on supports others than canvas, such as wood or glass.
 I have now (2017) about 1200 paper and canvas painted, in formats 20 x 30 till 120 x 160 cm. I am going towards larger and larger sizes.
My work of artist is presented in
- "Nature Art Today", Editions Eric Patou, Paris, to be published in september 2009.
- "Dizzionario Enciclopedico Internazionale Moderna e Contemporanea, Casa Editrice Alba, Ferrare, Italy (2009), p.138-139.
- "La Bible de l’art abstrait", Lelivredart, Paris, 2008, p. 140-141.
- "Artelibre, Arte y libertad III", Editorial Comuniter, Saragoza (Spain) 2008, p.172-175.

I am part of the associations of artists Artec, Les Seize Anges, Colori Tempi, France Chine Arts Expo, A2PAC, of the European Academy of the Arts, and of the Academy Arts, Sciences and Literature

Other biographical data :

-  Degree of the Political Studies Institute of Paris (International relations section)
-  Third Cycle Doctorate in Economy of Latin America
-  State Doctorate in Political Sociology.  I was during several years teacher in the Latin American Institute of Paris. As a researcher, I dedicated successively my work to the economy of Argentina, to the political evolution of Chile (two books published in L’Harmattan), and, lately, to the globalization effects on politics.
-  I run the collection "Practice of systemics" in the publishing house L’Harmattan.
-  I also wrote two novels, not yet published
-  My researcher life as well as my artist life led me to travel a lot and pass time in many different countries.

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