Next exhibitions planned :

-  Eccifice Art, Champs Elysées, 2-30 september 2017
-  Biennale of Crosne, 91, 14-22 october
-  Salon de la Photo, Porte de Versailles, 9-13 november .
-  Restaurant "Le Pavillon de l’Ile", Brunoy, 2016-17, all the year

Past exhibitions :

- Art market of Rueil-Malmaison, 14 may 2017
- Stand in the Salon of Photo, Porte de Versailles, Paris, november 2016
- Pavillon Flore, Montgeron (91), with the Francopoetry Festival of the Val d’Yerres, march 2017
- Restaurant L’Avant-scène, Yerres, middle size paintings, black and white photos all the year 2016. The works were in march part of the Francopoetry Festival of the Val d’Yerres.
- Art Gallery of the Library "La Templanza", Casco Antiguo, Peñiscola, Espagne, august 2015 and 2016
- * Castle of Peñiscola (Spain), paintings and et photos exhibitions, september 2014, june 2011 et may 2009
- Orangerie of Caillebotte Park, Yerres (91) : "Alegria", paintings of large and medium sizes and photos, march/ april 2012. For a look at the exhibition : http://http://youtu.be/cQOhI_de-cg
- January 2011, paintings and photos exhibitions (series"Rusts and Droppings" and "Reflections"), Restaurant l’Alveole, Paris 9th.
- Espace Brancion, "Aqua Viva", exhibition of large and middle size paintings et photos (playful, reflections, the colours of the sea) - all about Water - sept. 2010.
- "Le Chant du Monde", paintings and photos exhibitions in the Espace Brancion, sept. 2009. Large sizes paintings and more than 20 abstract photos on the themes : "On the sand", "Fishing nets and ropes", "Rusts and droppings".
- Theater of the Vallée de l’Yerres, Brunoy, exhibition of a large number of photos : "L’île au fil des saisons", janvier-février 2009. - Espace Reuilly, 75012,"Résonances intérieures", Homage to Vassily Kandinsky, paintings on canvas and paper, photos, september 2008.
-"The Fertility", march 2008, Social Center of Brunoy. For the woman’s day.
-"Abstract Sensations", february 2008, Culture House of Savigny-sur-Orge (91).
- "Au pays des rêves"("Dreamland"), paintings especially accessible to children, Garden of the City Hall of Brunoy, september 2007.
- "Envol" ("Flight") - extract of paintings from the exhibition of Yerres - presented in Air France Head office in Roissy Airport, august 2007.
- "Envol", exhibition of 85 paintings, Salle André Malraux, Yerres, 91330, february 2007.
- "Echo et couleurs", Cultural Center of Brunoy, 91, january 2006. Presentation of 39 paintings.
- Exhibition in the Library of Petra Publishing House, street de la Réunion, Paris XX th, may 2005.
-Participation to the Open doors of the Artists of Brunoy (june 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2015 and 2016). personal exhibition each year of more than 40 recent paintings in my taller, and from 2007, of more than 20 photos. Since 2010, presentation also of large size paintings in the garden.

Collective Exhibitions

- Gallery BDMC, Paris, Small paintings on paper, june 2017
- Swiss ArtSpace, "Nature" exhibition, Lausanne, Switzerland, April 2017
- Biennale of Visual Arts of Boissy Saint Léger, april 2017 and 2013
- « Author’s photos », "Following the Water" and "Diptychs", Théâtre de la Vallée de l’Yerres, Brunoy (91800), 2015 and 2017
- Nesles Gallery, Paris 6th, april 2017, 2016, 2015 et 2014
- Town Hall of Paris 8th, Lions Club of Ile de France, 2017, 2015, 2014, 2013 et 2012
- Solid’Arts, Yerres, 91, Avril 2016
- Black and White, (photos), Town Hall of Paris 5th, june 2015.
- «50, 50, 50», franco-chinese exhibition,, Center of Art and Creation of Aulnay sous Bois, nov-décember 2015
- "Méditation Lumière », Room "Royale de la Madeleine", Paris, september 2015, 2014, 2013, et 2012
- "Délires photographiques", Maria Pia Hall, Quincy-sous-Sénart (91), 2015
- National Ostrovsky Museum, Moscow, may-june 2014
- Palast Gallery, Berlin, Salons Libres Européens, juin 2014
- Museum Yan Huang of Beijing, mai 2014, then Exhibition Hall of the Daily News of Tianjin, à Tianjin (Asia Art Expo, AATS)
- Crepe Shop Gallery, Whitechapel, Londres, march 2014
- Systema Gallery, Osaka, Japon, february 2014
- "Les Hivernales" de Montreuil, novembre 2013, décembre 2012
- Biennale of Visual Arts of Crosne, october 2013 and 15
- Exhibition center Sud-Côte d’Azur, shopping gallery Carrousel, August 2013, Toulon
- "Glamour, Gold, Glory", french-german exhibition, Manheim, march-may 2013, then in France, in the Atelier Grognard, Rueil-Malmaison, may-june.
- Spring Salon in Romorantin in april, Space Museum Matra, and after in the Médiathèque Jacques Thyraud.
- autumn french-spanish exhibition of the Alalpardo, Al Artis Hall, Madrid, nov-dec 2012
- "La Triennale de Paris", Cité internationale des arts, january 2013
- Salon of Val d’Yerres artists, Maison des Arts de Brunoy, 2013, La Ferme Ornée (Yerres), 2012
- Contemporaneous Art market of Quincy sous Sénart, sept. 2012
- Collective exhibition "7 Countries, 7 Artists", where I’ll represent France : june 2012, Museum of the Americas, Miami, Florida.
- may 2012, collective exhibition, Apeiron Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.
- Collective Exhibition "Femmes, Femmes, Femmes", with the associations A2Pac and Femmes 3000, Gallery "le Cheval de Sable", 75004, Paris.
- Collective Exhibition with the Lions Club of Paris, Townhall of Paris VIIIth, february 2013 y 2012.
- Exhibition of collective paintings with the "Saltimbanques de l’art" in Espace Renoir, Rueil-Malmaison, jan-february 2012
- Salon of "Masters of french painting", Guebwiller (Alsace) dec-february 2012
- "White Exposition", Maison des Arts de Crosne (91), nov-déc. 2012.
- Salon of Art of Le Puy en Velay, Pierre Cardinal Center, august 2011
- Galerie Art Présent, 75003, may 2011 : "In the Harbour" : 3 exhibitions de photos following : " Rusts and droppings", "Reflections", et "Nets".
- Salon "Mandr’art", Ferme de Monsieur, Mandres les Roses, 2011 and 2010.
- Salon of the Lions Club, Maison des Arts de Brunoy, 91, 2014, 2013, 2011, y 2010, 2009, 2008 and 2007, before in the "Ferme de Monsieur", Mandres les Roses (94).
- Galerie Talents, Bercq Plage, may-june 2011, 15 works in a collective exhibition.
- Salon of Art of l’ADAC, Saint-Germain-Les-Corbeil (91), may 2011.
- Orangerie de la Propriété Caillebotte, collective exhibition, Yerres (91), january 2011
- "Black and White", collective exhibition of photos présented for the Photo Month in the Théâtre de la Vallée de Yerres (Brunoy, 91), nov. 2010.
- Gallery Art Présent, Paris, 75003, 4 exhibitions from april till nov. 2010.
- GMAC (Great Market of Contemporaneous Art), La Bastille, Paris, april-may 2010
- Grand Salon d’Art Abordable, la Bellevilloise, Paris, march 2010
- january 2010, Artistic franco-asiatic Meeting in the "Chinese House" of Pnom-Penh (Cambodgia)
- "Ukrainian Art Week", nov. 2009, Central House of Artists of Ukraina, Kiev.
- With the Brunoy Photo Club : "graphism", 2013, " Nature", nov- december 2011, "Black and White", nov. 2010 , "The Move", 2009, Theater of la Vallée de l’Yerres (Brunoy), 2009 and 2007, "Textures et matières","Portes et fenêtres" (Doors and windows), and "The Town", Cultural Center and Library of Brunoy, "The music", 2009, Quincy sous Sénart : photos part of a future project :"The singer"
- Participation in the 2nd Festival franco-japanese of Plastic Arts : exhibitions in Metz in the Cloître des Recollets in september 2009, then in october in Japan in Okinawa (Museum of Artes) and Nikko (Imperial Villa Tamozawa).
- Gallery Alba, "Artcover 2009", Ferrare (Italy), july.

- Gallery Jardin, 75014, february 2009
- Art Shopping, Carrousel du Louvre, october 2008
- Gallery Thuillier, 75003, october 2008 ("gestual" works).
- Gallery Artcour, Salon des Intemporels, june 2008, 75008. 12 paintings exhibited.
- Salon of Spring of Bondoufle (91), April 2008, Espace Thierry le Luron.
- Atelier Z, march 2008, "La suBréalité du monde", Paris 17ème.
- Salon Yerres-Prestige, André Malraux Hall, Yerres, 91, nov. 2006
- Association L’Amicale du Bouffadou (Hospital Center), Paris XX may-june 2006.
- Exhibition of the Paris XVI artists, Town Hall of the XVIth, Paris, 2005

I did not wish to exhibit before 2005. Each theme or type presented in this site is now illustrated by many other works. With "Envol", I began to present personal exhibitions focused on one single theme, and not "général" as I did before.
En 2009, I began to exhibit elsewhere in Europe ( Spain, Italy, Ukraina ), and in Asia ( Japan, Cambodgia). I have also exhibited in the Museum of the Americas of Miami in june 2012, in Madrid in november, and in Mannheim in 2013. In 2014 others took place in Osaka, Londres, Moscou and Berlin. And 5 large solo exhibitions with paintings and various series of photos were realized in Spain.
My more recent works and photos may be seen on my profile Facebook.

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